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We can supply products for all your spillage control, environmental cleaning, harmful product containment and chemical protection needs.

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We have a full range of spill control products, we are happy to provide you with our colour Brochure which lists all of the products that we offer in this area. 

Have you got an emergency oil spill or chemical spill to deal with?

You will need to contain the spillage, preserve what you can and clean it up, but you will also need to protect yourself, the environment and the infrastructure around you.  You may need to transport heavy contaminated items, short or longer distances.

To help with a spill, be it a chemical spill, diesel spill or an oil spill we supply various SPILL KITS and ABSORBENTS to help you initially contain an accident you have.

Whilst you are dealing with an incident you will need to have PROTECTION for yourself and others against any dangerous materials you are handling or coming into contact with.  You will also need PROTECTION for the environment around such as protective drain covers.

Finally you will need CLEANING products to do the job safely and effectively.  We offer industrial products at the lowest prices on a wide range of cleaning chemicals, solvents, cloths, wipes and other spill control sundries.

Do you need to prepare against an oil spillage or chemical spillage?

If you would like to avoid having to deal with an incident you can take preventative measures with various products that we offer to give you CONTAINMENT of Oil, Diesel and Chemicals.  Legislation is coming into place that will require the storage of certain chemicals to be done so with specific preventative measures taken.  We can help you do your bit to keep on the right side of the law and also help the environment directly around you by preventing short and long term damage by not STORING products correctly.

What we supply

We provide effective solutions to our customers spill problems and long term chemical and potentially harmful product containment.  We supply various products across the spill control range.

Our Products

We supply industrial spill control or spill cleaning products that are not available direct from the manufacturer.  If you need to contain a spillage of oil or a diesel spill then we will have the products for you.  We offer a large range of wiper rolls, cloths and absorbents. 

We have grouped our products together into the following

Spill Control Kits

We supply kits of products that will enable you to clear or contain a potentially dangerous and damaging situation.  We can supply

  • oil spill kits
  • diesel spill kits
  • marine kits
  • bespoke kits of products to your needs.


We supply specialists ranges of absorbent products for different types of spillage

  • General Purpose
  • Oil Only
  • Chemical

For each type of spillage there are a number of products that are available as absorbents

  • Pads - Handy sized sheets ideal for cleaning
  • Socks - For containing and absorbing larger spills and placing around leaking machinery
  • Tubular Knitted Socks - Socks with a knitted outer for extra durability
  • Booms - Larger versions of socks for containing larger spills.
  • Cushions - Ideal for use with drip pans under leaking or dripping machinery.
  • Granules - Specialist granules used for absorbing different spills.


To prevent spills and potential hazardous situations there are a number of products available to help you contain the chemicals you are working with, they fall into the following general categories

  • Drip and Spill trays - Used in combination with cushions to catch drips under machinery
  • Drum storage units - Specialist units for holding and containing drums of chemicals
  • Spill Pallets- Larger scale drip trays designed to hold varying numbers of drums.
  • Storage Cabinets - A wide range of quality cabinets for storing potentially dangerous substances.
  • Bunded Tanks - Suitable for fuel, waste oil and oil storage


When dealing with potentially hazardous materials it is important to have the proper equipment to protect you and your colleagues.  We provide a full range of protective products to help, they include

  • Splash suits and clothing
  • Respirators
  • Gloves


To help clean the area of the spill and the people dealing with any incident we have a wide range of cleaning products specifically designed to ease the problem

  • Light and Heavy Duty Cleaners
  • Spillage powders
  • Tak Mats
  • Signs
  • Sanitising Wipes
  • Maintenance Rolls

Environmental control

Our products are made to protect, clean and preserve the environment where our customers utilise them.  So wherever they are used they are protecting people and the environment they work and live in. 

There is a double environmental benefit in that the majority of products that supply are made from recycled materials.  We have environmentally sound products that allow you to comply with legislation for health and safety.  A large number of our products are made from recyclable material that would otherwise be bound for landfill.

The products that we use are made from recyclable materials, by recycling thousands of tonnes of materials back into everyday use, we reduce the amount of waste destined for land fill, whilst at the same time creating a necessary product for today's health and safety conscious environment.

Product Customisation

We can customise our products to have your companies logo printed prominently on most manufactured items.

Delivery across the UK and the world

We have large Stocks held for next day delivery and we service the whole of the UK and beyond to service requests globally.

Do you need fast shipping?

We can provide next day delivery anywhere in the UK, contact us for more information with your requirements.

Oil storage Legislation

Legislation News - Do you comply with new legislation?  Oil storage requirements.  There is new legislation that has to be complied with starting 2007.

Does this apply to me?

If you store oil of any kind at your premises, this will apply to you.  Oil includes:

central heating oil;
lubricating oil;
vegetable oil;
heavy oils such as bitumen;
oils used as solvents, such as paraffin or kerosene and;
waste oil.

Why do I need to store my oil carefully?

Protecting Animals and the Environment
Oil is a common and highly visible form of pollution.  It is poisonous to fish and other wildlife and smothers plants.  Just two litres of oil could make the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic size swimming pool undrinkable. 

Oil accounts for over one quarter of all pollution incidents in the UK each year.  Many drains lead directly to rivers, streams or lakes.  If you allow oil to enter these drains, it has the same effect as pouring it directly into the watercourse.

Avoiding Clean-up Costs
If oil from your site enters the ground or watercourses, you can be required to pay clean-up costs to remove the oil.

Complying with Legislation
In England, if you store oil in containers with a capacity of more than 200 litres, the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 (the “Regulations”) may apply to you. These Regulations came into effect on 1st September 2005. 

For more information, use the link below:

Oil Storage Regulations for the UK Environmental Regulations Government Web Site